Career Boost Germany

The Berlin Life is excited to announce the pending launch of Career Boost Germany, an online learning portal where you can enroll in flexible and affordable mini-courses to learn about how to find work in Germany.

Tailored specifically for the English-speaking German job market, acquire the essential techniques to create job applications that will get you noticed by German employers. Master strategies to ace German job interviews, negotiate a generous employment offer, and more.

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Why Take Our Courses

Stand Apart From Others

Create compelling job applications and excel in job interviews by showing off your skills, education, attitude, and experience in a way that has employers wanting to hire you.

Master Our Proven Methods

Independently follow our proven step-by-step methods to compose job applications and conduct job interviews. Gain the necessary knowledge and learn the methods for yourself, without the need for outside help.

Become Familiar With the German Job Market

Navigate the job search and hiring processes with ease and confidence after completing one or more of our courses. Research shows that foreigners in Germany are often paid less. Equipped with the right knowledge, you can prevent this from happening.

Get Access to Expert Developed Content

Our course content was authored by a seasoned career coach, writer, and hiring manager who’s also had to find a job in Germany on more than one occasion. It’s also based on extensive research and interviews with community members, as well as other local experts.

Benefit from Practical Honest Advice

Get straightforward and useful content without the fluff that will help you master the art of job applications, interviews, salary negotiation, and more. Expect the brutal truth on topics like immigration developments, discrimination in the recruiting process, and language requirements.

See Tangible Results

Your improved job applications and interview skills will see you getting more job interviews and offers. You’ll start to find the process of creating job applications easier. You’ll feel more self-confident during interviews and know how to advocate for yourself.

Make an Investment in Yourself

Taking our courses will advance your career development and help you successfully settle into life in Germany. You can even expense your purchases on your income tax return.

Be Efficient – Save Time and Money

Our educational offering is flexible and affordable. Save time and money (literally hundreds of Euros) by buying a specific mini course versus an entire class touching on varying topics not relevant to you.

Receive Support from Our Community

After taking one of our courses, you’ll gain access to an exclusive community space where you can talk with other course participants to share experiences, ask questions, and more. 

Who Should Take Our Courses

English-speaking foreigners who want to relocate to Germany for work or those who already live in Germany and are looking for work.

Foreigners who want to become familiar with German job application and interview norms.

Anyone (foreign or local) who’s applying for jobs in Germany and isn’t hearing back from companies.

Our Course Offerings

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  • Creating Compelling Cover Letters
  • Crafting Standout CVs
  • Acing Interviews in Germany
  • Salary Negotiation Strategies
  • Job Search Strategies
  • … and more to come!

Hi, I’m Cheryl.

I’m Canadian and have been living in Berlin for more than a decade. As the founder of Career Boost Germany, my mission is to help you move to Germany and find work.

I’ve seen the mistakes people make with their job applications, especially those who are new to Germany. I know that many people don’t know how to present themselves and struggle to secure job interviews. In reality, many people undersell themselves and tend to downplay how amazing they are and the unique value they bring.

I possess extensive knowledge and use fine-tuned methods to show you how to best showcase yourself in both your applications and interviews. With my help and support, you’ll be positioned to enter job interviews and salary negotiations with poise and confidence.

People have trusted me to assist them with their job search in Germany whether it’s through career coaching, job application reviews, and life in Germany guides.

I had a very favorable experience with Cheryl in this coaching session. She brought up some strong arguments and offered very helpful tips for the improvement of my cover letter. She provided a PDF with more detailed information on every aspect of my letter, including small details that I never thought needed improving. Now I feel much more confident with my job search and I’m confident that my letter is as strong as it can be
Thanks for all your help in building my CV and cover letter and for the interview practice. It’s a vital service you offer in my opinion. I’ve been on the hunt for a job in Germany and I really hadn’t a clue what I was doing until I got in contact with The Berlin Life and I can’t overstate how helpful it has been for me. I feel a lot more clear and confident in my search. Thanks again!
I 100% recommend working with Cheryl. She is professional, understanding, and a pleasure to work with. Job hunting can be disheartening and Cheryl’s coaching sessions made me feel more confident! I also strongly recommend subscribing to the newsletter.
I hate writing resumes. Thankfully Cheryl made the experience much better. I’m confident my new CV will bring me many new opportunities. Thank you Cheryl!
Cheryl played a crucial role in refining and enhancing my CV. While my resume was satisfactory, Cheryl’s expertise and strategic insights brought significant improvements. Her ability to view my professional history objectively allowed for precise adjustments and optimizations that I wouldn’t have identified on my own. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking to tailor their CV for the German market. With her assistance, I am confident that my job search will yield better results.
Thank you for all your help. Your advice is truly valuable! I will keep trying and I am sure that sooner rather than later I will find the right job for me. Now that I have a strong CV and know how to write good cover letters, the situation will only improve.
This (CV) feedback is golden for me! I feel like this will place me in a better standing as a candidate! This a great service and helps me feel more confident in the process of moving. Thank you so much for the work that you do.
Thank you Cheryl for the in-depth analysis, valuable insights, and direct suggestions for updating my CV, this is exactly what I was looking for.
Everything is clear and to the point. I’m glad I have reached out, as it saved me a lot of time on researching the topic. Thank you!